Welcome to our Calkin Family Tree.

Our Calkin Family Tree

We have constructed our view of our part of the Calkin ancestry.
It covers TWELVE generations, going back to Asa's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Nathaniel who lived in the middle of the 17th century. I have yet to track his birthdate but it is likely to be around 1650 ... so ... over 350 years of our family are represented.

These details include information from the 1901 census which contains 169 Calkin family members who can be collated into 42 family units.
I have also been through the 1891, 1881, 1871, 1861. 1851 and 1841 censii.
                                  Click here for a brief Calkin Ancestry Overview

I have also obtained a document dated 6th October 1989 which lists the full names and addresses of 367 Calkin families.
It comprises 84 here in England, 216 in the U.S.A., 48 in New Zealand and 19 in Canada.

Click here to see origins of the name "Calkin" and the family Coat of Arms : Calkin Origins.

        Below is a list of the Latest Updates, or click on this link to see the root of MAIN NAME INDEX
        in an alphabetical listing of all Calkin members known to me (thus far).

Click here to see a place in the U.K. named ... Calkin Rig.

Latest Update

14th October 2022 - A major update to 171 family webpages with added detail from the 1921 census which was released this year.
27th June 2022 - Your humble narrator's father unfortunately left us last week, but in good news brother Ian got married, see Ian Calkin.
Plus, I am in receipt of the 1921 census and am constantly making changes to Family Tree webpages that have new information on that census.
5th June 2020 - Your humble narrator's first grandson born in this week, see Leo Joseph Galer.
Plus, during the spring 2020 lockdown here in the UK, I have made many tweaks and amendments to dozens of family tree webpages !
24th March 2020 - Some exciting information about the first listed Calkin, Nathaniel.
which probably includes his son Thomas and grandson Thomas too.
Plus, there have been many small amendments and additions to many pages throughout the tree.
7th August 2018 - There have been many small amendments to many pages, including my own page where
I didn't even have the marriage of my own daughter, which was four years ago ! ....
Plus now we have our first grand-child too !!      See Graham & Vivien Calkin
16th February 2013 - Made many amendments to many pages, plus have to add details of two deaths of my own aunts, Brenda and Erica :
     See Brenda & Erica
16th December 2011 - Added a webpage of our epic walk from coast to coast in 2010 :
     See Graham & Viv Walk Hadrian's Wall
4th November 2011 - Added a variety of updates that I really should have done months ago, to the following webpages :
     See Erica Phyllis Ellis (Daughter of Phyllis Calkin)
     See Nigel Calkin (added picture of Nigel's gravestone)
     See Lance Calkin (added self-portrait to his art page and added details to daughter Phyllis)
     See David Trevor Calkin (added details of son)
     See Fanny Rosa Calkin (confirmed husband's name)
     See Shaun Lynden Calkin (added Shaun's children)
18th November 2010 - Added some nice family photographs to the family of Peter Calkin :
     See Peter William Calkin
     See Harold William Calkin
     See Ada Kate Calkin
14th August 2010 - Added detail of a special ceremony for Samuel Richard Calkin (in New Zealand) after donation of a plaque from the American Civil War Veterans :
     See Samuel Richard Calkin (also some family detail changes too)
8th April 2010 - Added new details of a New Zealand Calkin family :
     See Clive and Maureen Calkin of Auckland, NZ
29th January 2010 - Added image of headstone for Samuel Calkin, plus 23 newly confirmed U.S. descendants (and some pictures) :
     See Samuel Calkin of New Jersey U.S.A.
     See Eugene Wiley Calkin (and follow the downward links)
18th June 2009 - Added a newly confirmed family:
     See Dennis Calkin of Queensland, Australia.
31st January 2009 - 1911 Census
More updates after further analysis of the 1911 census - 38 webpages in this update.
This new information has added detail, and linked some people into families that before now I hadn't been sure of.
Each name following is just the Head of family per census page, it will involve many updates up and down the tree :
     See Calkin, Alfred of Deptford.
     See Calkin, Alfred of Newington.
     See Calkin, Alfred Samuel of Finchley.
     See Calkin, Annie of Islington.
     See Calkin, Bertram of Finchley.
     See Calkin, Charles of Camberwell.
     See Calkin, Charles of Nottingham.
     See Calkin, Eliza Jane of Camberwell.
     See Calkin, Elizabeth of Mayfair.
     See Calkin, Emma of Birmingham.
     See Calkin, Ernest of Newington.
     See Calkin, Frank Albert of Finchley.
     See Calkin, George of Hampstead.
     See Calkin, George Lance of Acton.
     See Calkin, Harry Bernard of Hampstead.
     See Calkin, Herbert Jacques of Camberwell.
     See Calkin, John Henry of Newbury.
     See Calkin, John Sidney of Hendon.
     See Calkin, Oscar of Nottingham.
     See Calkin, Percival of Aldeburgh.
     See Calkin, Robert Henry Joseph of Maidstone.
     See Calkin, Stanley Joseph Purdy of Brentford.
     See Calkin, Thomas William of Edmonton.
     See Calkin, Walter of Finchley.
     See Calkin, William Henry of Wolstanton.
     See Maloney, Frances of Richmond.
16th January 2009 - 1911 Census
Plenty of changes with the release (at last !) of the 1911 census - 46 webpages in this update.
This new information has added detail, and linked some people into families that before now I hadn't been sure of.
Going through the entire census will take a few weeks, but these are some families I have updated (so far) ....
Each name following is just the Head of family, it will involve many updates around the tree :
     See Calkin, Arthur Edward of Middlesex.
     See Calkin, Ellis of Huddersfield.
     See Calkin, Ernest of Nottingham.
     See Calkin, George Henry of Longton, Staffs.
     See Calkin, Herbert of Huddersfield.
     See Calkin, John Ernest of Devon.
     See Calkin, Maud Amelia, confirming husband and adding children.
     See Calkin, Oscar of Nottingham.
     See Calkin, Percival Joseph of Camberwell.
     See Calkin, Percy Charles of Middlesex.
     See Calkin, Pierre Matthew - adding three children.
     See Calkin, Robert Henry - adding one daughter.
     See Calkin, Walter Lewis of Hampstead.
10th April 2008 - Plenty of small changes again, and also added a newly confirmed family:
     See Bernard Calkin of Birmingham.
6th March 2008 - Another big update, adding 41 new Calkin family members in seven Calkin families, six of which are
descended from John Calkin who I've not yet actually confirmed where he connects to the rest of the tree:
     See John Calkin         of Adbaston, Staffs.
     See Martyn R. Calkin of Durham.
Also amended 11 other family pages, so you may want to just check yours !
29th February 2008 - Added 16th and 17th century Calkin families from Monmouthshire area, plus an opinion of U.S. Calkins origins :
     See Peter Calkyn.
     See The Origins of Calkins in America.
Also added some some changes to exisitng family members:
     See Elizabeth Taylor Calkin
     See Victoire Josephine Calkin
12th February 2008 - Added some interesting photographs of Arthur Calkin at his time with Harry Roy.
     See Pictures: Arthur Calkin with Harry Roy.
Also added some interesting early photographs of Arthur Calkin - some pictures almost 100 years old.
     See Arthur Calkin - Early Days.
8th December 2007 - Added detail of Dick Calkin's stage craft and some interesting photographs.
See Harold Richard (Dick) Calkin.
22nd November 2007 - Added a new index of Non-Calkin families that are linked by marriage somewhere along their line.
At the moment this was added to cover my mother's family line and only includes them.
It will at a later date include all other related familes.
Also for all my mother's side, changes have been made after reading through my sister Sheila's research and collection of data.
See New Non-Calkin Index.
16th November 2007 - Corrected the family of Barry and Beverly Calkin in New Zealand and added family members
See Barry Ernest Calkin.
12th October 2007 - About time too (!), I added the family line of my mother Stella Maud Calkin
This added descendants of the Butler, Smith, Reed, Tolman and Hubble Families (so far).
See Stella Calkin (nee Butler).
9th October 2007 - Added an interesting Will extract that makes bequests to three Calkin members :
See Sarah Calkin - (daughter of Joseph Calkin).
5th May 2007 - Added a variety of extra detail, changed detail and some great pictures :
See Oscar Calkin - A fabulous family photograph.
See George Calkin } The information that came with the photograph above,
See George Calkin } revealed that these two had their wives transposed.
See David Calkin - Added a photograph.
See Bernard Calkin - Added a family photograph.
See Robert Henry Calkin - Corrected information on this page + Added missing child.
See Samuel Calkin - Added 1851 census info.
See Samuel Richard Calkin - Added 1851 census info.
See Alfred Thomas Calkin - Added 1851 census info.
See Rodney Calkin - Added second child - Congratulations.
See Michael Calkin - Added new family information.
See Amelia Calkin - Added family information.
8th March 2007 - Added a scan and detail of a publication by a Dorset Calkin :
See John Bernard Calkin.
1st March 2007 - Added recording sessions Arthur Calkin made in Germany in 1926 :
See Arthur Calkin with Dave Caplan.

                   (Sorry, been neglecting family tree research lately, and I had found some more interesting links too)

# # #   Coming next, Arthur's further recording career   # # #

16th February 2007 - I managed to pick up some Harry Roy magazines from 1937 and represent them here :
See Roy Rag - January 1937.
See Roy Rag - February 1937.
25th January 2007 - Added detailed recording sessions Arthur Calkin appeared in between 1931 and 1938 :
See Arthur Calkin with Harry Roy and his Various Bands.

                             625 Recordings ALL Identified !!

5th January 2007 - Added detailed recording sessions Arthur Calkin appeared in between 1928 and 1932 :
See Arthur Calkin with Ray Starita and his Band.

Note: 9th January a further update was made when a whole page of recordings was found (March 7th - September 29th 1928)

14th December 2006 - Added further details to three family webpages:
See Arthur Samuel Calkin - added missing son and further detail.
See Mary Bowyer Calkin - added missing son of Mary and her census information.
See Ross Augustus Calkin - added extra information supplied by Ross.
10th October 2006 - Added further details to three family webpages:
See Emily Calkin - added new detail of her marriage and emigration.
See Jasper Calkin - added a new Calkin birth for 2006.
See Michael F. Calkin - added new information of his marriage.
22nd August 2006 - Added 16 Calkin members, some new information, plus a lot of detail sent to me in correspondence.
See Annie Margaret Calkin - added detail of a daughter.
See Bruce Ranson Calkin - new information from Australia of Bruce's many marriages.
See David and Fiona Calkin - Congratulations on the birth of your new son.
See Eliza Gertrude Calkin - added some interesting facts on her descendants.
See Fiona Adeline Calkin - added a link to Fiona's website.
See Louisa Ruiha Calkin - added a link to a family website of this former Miss Edmonds.
See Margaret Calkin James - added a lovely photograph and a web-link with details of a book.
See Nathaniell Calkin - added wording.
See Paul Calkin - Congratulations on your recent marriage.
See Pierre Hayward Calkin - added family information.
See Samuel Calkin - added detail of a connection with the Caulkin branch.
See Susanna Calkin - added information I found from a visit to the Society of Genealogists.
See Thomas Calkin - added a lovely photo of six of Thomas and Elsie's children.
See Thomas Calkin (b.1731) - added detail from the "Staffordshire Advertiser Index to Births, Marriages and Deaths".
See Warwick John Calkin - added family information from Australia.
21st July 2006 - Added detail from the recently published - "The Index Of Teacher's Registrations 1870-1948"
See John Bernard Calkin..
See Pierre Henry Calkin..
17th July 2006 - Added the wedding of Gemma Calkin to Barry Hayward .... see webpage of Steven Calkin
28th June 2006 - Added the wedding of Steven and Rachel .... see Steven Calkin
Also added much data taken from the 1841 and 1851 censii
24th March 2006 - Numerous small changes, a few additions (Five added Calkin members), and some extra information added from correspondents.
8th February 2006 - Added a will for my Great-great-great-grandfather Samuel Calkin (It includes a wonderful piece of vitriol !)
Added a daughter and burial details for John Baptiste Calkin
Added a son and burial details of George and Emily Calkin
Added a terrific family photo of Percival and Ada Calkin
16th December 2005 - Made corrections to the family of Alan Henry Calkin
Added the family of Michael David Calkin
Added the marriage of Sheldon James Calkin
The changes above included the addition of the 1000th Calkin to be included in these pages !
18th August 2005 - Added detail of an area in the U.K. named Calkin, see Calkin Rig
30th June 2005 - Added New Zealand descendants of Antaeus Busirus Calkin
19th May 2005 - Added webpages of Dedication to the The Life and Career of Arthur Calkin
Note that this will be an ongoing process, added to gradually as time allows.
8th May 2005 - Added some newly donated photographs of Joseph William Calkin
Added marriage information for Alice Margaret Calkin (same page as above)
Added a new bride (and hence new Calkin) for Stuart Bruce Calkin
Added 1861 census information for Joseph "Tennielli" Calkin
Added another new Calkin family, Patrick Calkin
26th April 2005 - A multitude of changes to many details, too many to identify and link to here individually (sorry)
Added a few new families (there may be more ... I've been busy),
See David and Fiona Calkin..
See Andrew and Valerie Calkin..
See Paul and Nicole Calkin..
See Victor and Patricia Calkin..
3rd April 2005 - Changed the main root index of Calkin members to include locality.
Made numerous minor changes to many pages, plus added one new family,
See George and May Calkin..
13th March 2005 - Added information from 1871 census,
See John Tilley Calkin.
See James Calkin.
See Joseph (Tennielli) Calkin.
See Joseph William Archibald.
See Rebecca Maria Calkin (widow of Charles).
See Charlotte Calkin (widow of William).
See George Calkin (includes Robert Riviere).
See John Baptiste Calkin.
See Pierre Jacques Paitry Calkin.
See Walter Lewis Calkin.
See Frederick Calkin.
(Unfortunately, the 1871 census also listed a couple of others I'm unable to place, thus far).
6th March 2005 - Added information from 1861 census, newly published on www.1837online.com
See Alfred Calkin.
See James Calkin.
See Joseph (Tennielli) Calkin.
See John William Archibald.
See Samuel Calkin.
See Clara Calkin (Vogt) and sister Ellen Calkin.
See George Calkin (includes Robert Riviere).
See John Baptiste Calkin.
(Unfortunately, the 1861 census did list a couple of others I'm unable to place, thus far).
16th January 2005 - Added two new indexes to cross-reference Calkin marriages etc.
See Ladies who joined Calkin men..
See Men who joined Calkin women..
1st January 2005 - Added another 40 Calkin family members, including at least 8 new families,
also many other adjustments, including some lovely old photographs too !
Many of these are from information given to me by a number of you from around the globe ... Thank you !
See the newly listed descendants of Frank Albert Calkin.
See added details to the family of Lawrence Richard Calkin.
Congratulations for a new marriage and child in 2004 to Rodney Shand Calkin.
Also congratulations to another new Calkin born in 2004, see Joseph Leo Calkin.
Added new descendants and amazing information about Frederick George Calkin of Kent,
but I am still not sure who he is descended from, although his existing family descendants that
I have been in contact with, believe Frederick is a son of John Baptiste Calkin.
I still think this is unlikely as he is not mentioned at all in John's Will.

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