Family of John William Archibald Calkin

Calkin, John William Archibald
Eldest of 2 children born to Joseph Tienelli and Eliza
1861 census has him listed simply as "Archibald" living with his mother and grandparents at
          12, Oakley Square. Somers Town, Pancras.
1871 census lists John W. A. aged 21, living with his parents still at Oakley Square.
1881 census - Occupation declared as = "Solicitor".
          The 1881 census has the family living at 18, Harley Rd. Hampstead.
          The same census lists his mother Eliza as living with him at that time.
          Also living in the house at that time were two servants:
          Mary Jones (23) from Llandudno - Cook
          Rosetta Lindsell (19) from St. Pancras - Nurse.
J.W.A.'s work and home addresses as listed in Historical Directories include:
1882 address given as 18, Harley Rd. St. Johns Wood N.W.
1895 his business address as a Solicitor is listed as 25, John Street, Bedford Row.
1896 the home address is now 53, Comeragh Road, West Kensington.
1899 John's home address moves to 32, Elsham Road, Kensington.
1901 census - Occupation declared as = "Solicitor".
          The 1901 census now has the family living at 32, Elsham Road, Kensington.
          The same census lists his mother Eliza as still living with him (she's now aged 76),
          and his sister Louisa (aged 47).
          Also living in the house at that time were two servants and a visitor:
          Anna Wells (25) from Friskney, Lancs - Servant
          Ellen Pycock (18) from Kirton, Lancs - Housemaid
          Arthur Talbot (22) a theological student from Gloucester, visiting.
1905 John bought shares in Great Western Railway as can be seen in the index of shareholders.
1910 his home address is still 32, Elsham Road, Kensington.
In published vessel passenger lists, John is listed as travelling from London to Madeira in 1910 with someone listed as "Calkin", but no first name is apparent.
1911 census has John still living at 32, Elsham Road as a Solicitor living with his daughter.
          Also living in the house at that time were two servants :
          Caroline Gisela Benehadine Thimann (41) from Germany - Cook
          Ada Matcham (19) from Chelsea - Housemaid
1914 his business of "Clarke, Calkin & Son" is still at 25, John Street, Bedford Row.
         Born: c. 09.1849 registered at St. Pancras
         Married: 26.10.1877 to Alice Elizabeth Purdy at St. Ann's, Tottenham (registered in Edmonton)
         Died: 05.11.1924 Aged 75, and buried in Highgate Cemetery (plot 24144), registered in Kensington
Calkin (nee Purdy), Alice Elizabeth (daughter of William Purdy)
Although married to Joseph in 1877, by the 1881 census Joseph is listed as a widower
as Alice died just 3 years into the marriage.
It appears that John never re-married.
         Born: c. 09.1851 at Shoreditch
         Died: 05.11.1880 Aged 29, registered in Pancras and buried in Highgate Cemetery.

Two Children
Stanley Joseph Purdy
1901 census - Occupation declared as "Articled Clerk to Solicitor".
1908 marriage certificate (aged 29) - Occupation now "Solicitor",
          living at 32, Elsham Road, Kensington (his father's residence).
Stanley's work and home addresses as listed in Historical Directories include:
1910-1914 Stanley now lives at 15, Kenilworth Road, Ealing.
1910-1915 his business address is as the "Son" in Clarke, Calkin and Son at 25, John Street, Bedford Row.
1911 census has Stanley living with his wife and daughter at 15, Kenilworth Road, Ealing.
Also on the 1911 census entry are two servants:
    Sarah Anne Sclatter from Oxford (Aged, 40 General Domestic Servant)
    Agnes Florence Drage from Puckeridge (Aged, 20 Nurse Domestic)
         Born: c. 09.1878 registered in Hackney
         Married: 22.01.1908 to Mary Dorothy Bird, registered in Kensington.
         Died: c. 03.1944 Aged 65, registered in Wandsworth
Edith Lily
In 1891 census, Edith does appear, aged 11.
In 1911 census, Edith appears aged 31 living with her father as above.
In published vessel passenger lists, one "Edith L. Calkin (b.1880)" is listed as travelling from Liverpool to Santander, Spain in 1931.
         Born: c. 09.1879 at Highgate, London (registered in St. Pancras)

I have a copy of the marriage certificate of Stanley Joseph Purdy.

Highgate Cemetery

This detail was sent to me by Ian Bernard Calkin, who I thank:
When Jean Pateman died The Pateman Memorial Fund was set up with two specific aims for Highgate Cemetery;
improving the archives and restoration of the graves.
We (Ian's people) made a substantial donation to the Fund around 2013 and asked whether our two graves could be restored.
The graves were almost invisible and in a very poor state.
However, the remarkable discovery, certainly unknown to my father's generation, was that alongside were
four further Calkin graves making a total of six and containing the bodies of twenty members of the family and friends.
These include the four Calkins who played in early performances of Messiah, i.e. James, Joseph, James Joseph and Samuel.
James, Ian's great great grandfather, is also referred to on page 571 of Thayer's Life of Beethoven.
The minutes of the Philharmonic Society record that he was one of the directors who voted to
make a contribution of 100 "to be applied to his comforts and necessities during his illness".

There are 18 Calkin family members interred at Highgate Cemetery, in these six plots:


CAROLINE (Daughter of the above) (1887)
MARY PROSSER (Daughter of the above) (1887)


MARY ANN WHITING CALKIN (Widow of J J Calkin) (1903)


EDITH ELLEN CALKIN Died March 1871, aged 10
ANNIE CALKIN (Daughter) Died Feb 23rd 1944
RUTH EDWARDS (Sister of Mary) Died May 1911


GEORGE CALKIN Died July 1911
EMILY MARY CALKIN (Wife) Died Sept 1913
FRANK L0VELL CALKIN (son) Died March 1871, aged 1


JOSEPH (Tennielli) CALKIN Died 6th June 1874, aged 58
ELIZABETH CALKIN (his wife) Died 5th July 1901
LAURA ISABEL LYNOTT (LILY) CALKIN (their only daughter) Died 5th April 1910


JOHN WILLIAM ARCHIBALD CALKIN (son of Joseph (Tennielli)) Died 5th Nov 1924, aged 75.
ALICE ELIZABETH (wife) Died 5th Nov 1880, aged 29.

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