Family of Ian Bernard Calkin

Calkin, Ian Bernard
Only child born to Kenneth and Nancy
There is an entry in the London Gazette for Ian Bernard Calkin (393576) :
24.09.1948 - Cadet to 2nd Lt. with the Royal Regiment Artillery.
         Born: c. 03.1929 registered in Hendon.
         Married: 24.03.1956 to Rowena Marian Hughes, registered in Surrey Mid. E.
Calkin (nee Hughes), Rowena Marian
Daughter of Adeline Crofts Hughes (1896-1991) who was a Sculptor who exhibited at The Royal Academy and the Paris Salon.
         Born: c. 06.1931 in Babbacombe, Devon

Three Children
Fiona Adeline
         Born: c. 05.1957 registered in Hampstead.
         Married: 31.03.1990 to Derek Peter Manser, in Southampton.
Five Children
Clare Elisabeth Manser (b. 25.07.1986)
Benjamin James Manser (b. 12.12.1990)
Katherine Emily Manser (b. 17.09.1992)
Oliver Douglas Manser (b. 29.07.1995)
Robyn Rowena Manser (b. 3.11.2002)
Charles Bernard
         Born: c. 07.1959 registered in Hampstead.
         Married: 12.10.1984 to Virginia Carey Walker, registered in Westminster.
Paul Bernard
         Born: c. 09.1963 registered in Surrey S.E.
         Married: 06.09.2003 to Nicole Irene Hamilton.

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