Welcome to our Calkin Family Web pages.

Our Calkin Family Tree

If you are a fellow family member, we present here the results of years of painstaking research into our family line.
This presentation includes as much information on each family that we can find, an index of every Calkin represented,
historical information, a front page informing you of the latest updates, origins of the family name, and where available... photographs.

        Click on this link to see the front page showing latest updates : The Calkin Family Tree.

Some Calkin Family Holidays

I will start with our most recent, and describe some of our more interesting holidays, or those that occured in England.
I've sorely neglected this section - just don't get the time - but I thought I'd better do some updates !

        June 2002 - Brecon Beacons, Wales.

        July 2010 - Graham & Viv Walk Hadrian's Wall - Our epic walk from coast to coast in 2010

Grahams Interests.

The Beatles
Click here to view my complete U.K. discography of ... John, Paul, George and Ringo
Being the biggest and most accurate Beatles site of it's kind, you will find,
  • A Full Beatles U.K. Discography.
  • Full Solo (John, Paul, George and Ringo) Discographies.
  • Detailed Information about original Beatles releases.
  • Beatles Books, release information, liner notes, and review.
  • Beatles Bootlegs, including sleeve scans, full track listings and information.
  • A variety of memorabilia, and unusual Beatle Information.
  • My Record Collection

    I intend to catalogue my entire record collection here.
    Although, obviously my Beatle collection is listed separately above at www.jpgr.co.uk
    I have entered most of my 7" and L.P. vinyl collection so far, click the following links:

            7" Single Collection

            E.P. and 12" Single Collection

            L.P. Collection

    The Disco Mix Club - Listings and BPM's
    We want Information ... You won't get it (I've been too busy doing my Beatles site, sorry).

    Viviens Site.

    Vivien's Home Page
    Vivien still hasn't managed to think of an interesting page for this site
    But luckily, someone else has ! ... visit her home page for a special "game".

    Cool Children.

    Leanne's Kool Site
    Leanne's homepage.
    Ace The Face
    Asa's homepage ... yes, and that's it .. just a homepage.

    Friends and Family.

    My Brother Steve's Personal Site
    The personal web-site of Steve Calkin.
    Andy (Bigboy) Biggs Personal Site
    Includes the Biggs family tree.
    Benjamin Biggs Personal web pages
    Currently contains information about Ben's gap year.
    John Pinckney's Family Tree Site
    Exactly what it says on the label.

     Calkin Family Portal