Time to play ... "SPOT VIVIEN"

There is nothing Vivien enjoy's more than dressing up for a good night out, but ...
Can you "SPOT VIVIEN" ??


If you think you spot the real Vivien, click on the image ... If you are right, you will be treated to a full size picture of our glorious party girl.
Our first real test, is it Vivien ... or Gary Glitter ....
Vivien Gary Glitter
Vivien Gary Glitter

REMEMBER ... click on the correct image, and see a full size version ! ... (If you really want to ?)

That was too-oo easy ... how about the next two.
Can you tell which is our heroine, and which is Robert Smith (of The Cure) ??
Robert Smith Vivien
Robert Smith Vivien
You want a clue ?? ... OK, Robert Smith is well known for his happy-go-lucky demeanour !

I see you are getting the hang of this, so let's make it tougher.
Cruella De Vil ... Cruella De Vil ... or Cruella De Calkin ... The choice is yours ...
Cruella Cruella Cruella
Cruella ? ... ... Cruella ? ... or ... Cruella ??

So which of these two should you allow to cut your hair ...
Edward Scissorhands ... or ... Cruella Razorbreath ??
Scissorhands Razorbreath
Scissorhands Razorbreath

All right, the game is up. Time to come clean. Cruella is a cross-dresser.
Only one of the people below is REALLY a man, the other two are REAL WOMEN !
Woman Man Woman
Woman Man Woman

I hope you enjoyed our little game ... there will be more adventures with Vivien next time, when we play ... "Let's Meet Miss Whiplash !"